St. Andrew Royal Arch Chapter #146

So you think it might be time to join a Royal Arch Chapter..?

The important thing to keep in mind regarding Freemasonry and the multitude of degrees that are associated with it - and there are a lot - is that you have a lifetime to do them. Don't rush into joining every Order as soon as you can, this will lead to disappointment, and not only for you.

Of course you might not want to join, I know of several well respected Masons that have never done a degree outside of a Craft Lodge. It is not compulsory, if you are content with the Blue, stay that way, just because everyone else is doing it you don't have to.

But we are here to consider joining a Royal Arch Chapter, which is something you will have to do before you can go any further in your Masonic career.

Following a change in the Constitution and Laws of the Supreme Grand R.A.C. of Scotland in December 2012 a man must now be of the full age of 21 years and at least one year must have passed since he was raised as a Master Mason (the 3° in the Blue Lodge) before he can apply to become a Royal Arch Mason. For some this is fine, some men aren't phased by anything and happily adapt and take on the extra and different ritual, but for Mr. Average I would recommend you wait until you are comfortable with the ceremony of Craft Freemasonry, once you can get (more or less) from the beginning to the end of a meeting without looking at someone else for a prompt or to lead you.

Whilst Royal Arch Masonry is of a similar format to that of a Craft Lodge it does have its own secrets - more funny hand shakes, signs and words. Those that you learned in the Blue Lodge will only get you as far as the door of the Chapter.

So which Chapter..? Most Lodge's will have a Chapter associated with them, maybe it uses the same hall or building, even shares the same name, or maybe its just local and thats where everyone else goes..? You are not tied to a Chapter, you can choose where you want to go, for example...

My Mother Lodge is St. Andrew #518, my Mother Chapter is St. Andrew #146 which is about 4 miles away and meets in the Temple of Lodge Leask #1084. However, with regards to the Arch I would say that the Lodge is equally split between those that are members of St. Andrew #146 and Solomon #38 which is in Fraserburgh and 12 miles away from the Lodge. One member of our Lodge, a few years back joined Ancient Rosehearty #360 which is about 7 miles away.

The main point I would most like to make - again - with this page is don't rush, take you're time. Sit down and discuss the matter with a Brother whose opinion you would trust.